How Writing Can Help You Become A Better Person

How Writ­ing Can Help You Become A Bet­ter PersonHow Writing Can Help You Become A Better Person -

Do you like writ­ing? If you write some short sto­ries, books, or blog posts, you can prob­a­bly be called a cre­ative per­son. And it is true, because a big dose of cre­ativ­ity is needed to write a really good and inter­est­ing story or essay. Your cre­ativ­ity helps you write and com­mu­ni­cate with your read­ers in such a way. Your writ­ing can even change peo­ple who read your sto­ries! Have you ever thought of it? It can inspire them, make them think of what they do in life, how they can change it, and much more.

But we usu­ally think about writ­ing as a method of com­mu­ni­ca­tion with other peo­ple. Did you think of how your writ­ing can change the most impor­tant per­son of your life – you? It can help you become a bet­ter per­son actu­ally. Do you want to know how? Keep on read­ing then.

You will know your­self better

Take a sheet of paper or open a new Word doc­u­ment, and write down every­thing you know about your­self. Just list every­thing you can do good. Well, you may start with your abil­ity to write good actu­ally, why not? Do not for­get any­thing, even if it seems too triv­ial for you (drive a car for exam­ple, clean a room, walk with a dog). You will be sur­prised how much you can do in your life! This is a really good way to improve your self-esteem and under­stand your­self better.

Such a list may help you under­stand what skills you still want or need to get in order to achieve some­thing or make your dreams come true.

You will make your road-map

This is you only, who can (and has a right actu­ally) to plan your life and change your atti­tude to every­thing that sur­rounds you. If you clearly under­stand that, it is high time to set your goals and expec­ta­tions. Why not to use writ­ing here as well? When you write down all you goals, you will have a clear pic­ture of how to achieve them all. More­over, you can use writ­ing to make a list of tools needed for your goals’ achieve­ment; and you can also men­tion things and feel­ings that pre­vent you from that: stress, sad­ness, fear of some­thing, etc. Remove them from the list, just cross them out to see what the rea­son of your fails is.

You will demon­strate your feelings

How Writing Can Help You Become A Better Person -

We all know how dif­fi­cult it can be to tell a per­son about your real feel­ings and thoughts, and writ­ing is the per­fect way to do this actu­ally! It is also the best method to stay con­nected with your close peo­ple who live far away from you for exam­ple, and whom you do not see every­day. Just write a kind word to them, let them know how impor­tant they are for you, how you love and value them. Your writ­ing will help you keep in touch with those you love, and they will feel your sup­port. Do not under­es­ti­mate the power of words!

You will let your past go

How Writing Can Help You Become A Better Person -

There are def­i­nitely some moments in your life, that still bother you. Maybe you offended some­one, or for­got to tell some­thing impor­tant to a per­son you loved. Who knows, maybe you were offended by some­one, and you still can’t for­give this per­son. It is dif­fi­cult to let such moments go and for­get about them. But if you do not have an oppor­tu­nity to ask for for­give­ness, or you can’t for­give some­one per­son­ally, just write them a let­ter. It is not nec­es­sary to send this let­ter after­wards: just keep those thoughts and for­give­ness in mind, and it will help you let your past go. Your past is good to remem­ber, but it is bad to worry you again and again.

You will change your bud­get for better

We bet you heard of this method many times: write down all sources of your income, and do not for­get to men­tion your every expen­di­ture as well. It may help you see how much you spend actu­ally, and if you have an oppor­tu­nity to con­tinue spend­ing like that. Just try, and you will be sur­prised how much money is usu­ally spent on dif­fer­ent “lit­tle things” which would be pos­si­ble to ignore. Your every­day cup of cof­fee from Star­bucks, cig­ars, choco­late bars three times a week… They all seem cheap and inof­fen­sive, but all that money might have been spent much bet­ter, huh?

Such writ­ing can help you quit some of your bad habits for exam­ple. You will save your money and become health­ier! Writ­ing will help you become a bet­ter per­son, and it may let you change and improve your­self! What can be bet­ter? Write down all the changes you want to make, cross out the ones you’ve achieved already – and you will always see what else you should and can do to become a bet­ter per­son. Inspire your­self with your writ­ing, and your writ­ing will inspire oth­ers as well!


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