How Writing Can Help You Become A Better Person

How Writing Can Help You Become A Better PersonHow Writing Can Help You Become A Better Person -

Do you like writing? If you write some short stories, books, or blog posts, you can probably be called a creative person. And it is true, because a big dose of creativity is needed to write a really good and interesting story or essay. Your creativity helps you write and communicate with your readers in such a way. Your writing can even change people who read your stories! Have you ever thought of it? It can inspire them, make them think of what they do in life, how they can change it, and much more.

But we usually think about writing as a method of communication with other people. Did you think of how your writing can change the most important person of your life – you? It can help you become a better person actually. Do you want to know how? Keep on reading then.

You will know yourself better

Take a sheet of paper or open a new Word document, and write down everything you know about yourself. Just list everything you can do good. Well, you may start with your ability to write good actually, why not? Do not forget anything, even if it seems too trivial for you (drive a car for example, clean a room, walk with a dog). You will be surprised how much you can do in your life! This is a really good way to improve your self-esteem and understand yourself better.

Such a list may help you understand what skills you still want or need to get in order to achieve something or make your dreams come true.

You will make your road-map

This is you only, who can (and has a right actually) to plan your life and change your attitude to everything that surrounds you. If you clearly understand that, it is high time to set your goals and expectations. Why not to use writing here as well? When you write down all you goals, you will have a clear picture of how to achieve them all. Moreover, you can use writing to make a list of tools needed for your goals’ achievement; and you can also mention things and feelings that prevent you from that: stress, sadness, fear of something, etc. Remove them from the list, just cross them out to see what the reason of your fails is.

You will demonstrate your feelings

How Writing Can Help You Become A Better Person -

We all know how difficult it can be to tell a person about your real feelings and thoughts, and writing is the perfect way to do this actually! It is also the best method to stay connected with your close people who live far away from you for example, and whom you do not see everyday. Just write a kind word to them, let them know how important they are for you, how you love and value them. Your writing will help you keep in touch with those you love, and they will feel your support. Do not underestimate the power of words!

You will let your past go

How Writing Can Help You Become A Better Person -

There are definitely some moments in your life, that still bother you. Maybe you offended someone, or forgot to tell something important to a person you loved. Who knows, maybe you were offended by someone, and you still can’t forgive this person. It is difficult to let such moments go and forget about them. But if you do not have an opportunity to ask for forgiveness, or you can’t forgive someone personally, just write them a letter. It is not necessary to send this letter afterwards: just keep those thoughts and forgiveness in mind, and it will help you let your past go. Your past is good to remember, but it is bad to worry you again and again.

You will change your budget for better

We bet you heard of this method many times: write down all sources of your income, and do not forget to mention your every expenditure as well. It may help you see how much you spend actually, and if you have an opportunity to continue spending like that. Just try, and you will be surprised how much money is usually spent on different “little things” which would be possible to ignore. Your everyday cup of coffee from Starbucks, cigars, chocolate bars three times a week… They all seem cheap and inoffensive, but all that money might have been spent much better, huh?

Such writing can help you quit some of your bad habits for example. You will save your money and become healthier! Writing will help you become a better person, and it may let you change and improve yourself! What can be better? Write down all the changes you want to make, cross out the ones you’ve achieved already – and you will always see what else you should and can do to become a better person. Inspire yourself with your writing, and your writing will inspire others as well!


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