Waiting for You

Part 1 of a Short Story by Gangaa Arunan–

It was a busy Monday. I was walking from my hostel to the office. I looked pretty that day, wearing a white churidhar. I am a person who always wears a smile, as you would know if you saw me. I crossed the road using the overpass to reach my bus stop. While whispering the lyrics of a song playing on my ear phones, I noticed a man who was standing on the overpass. He looked just like a popular movie star in a short film that I love a lot.

He was known for gossip more than his roles in short films. He fell in love with some famous serial heroine artist, and she broke up with him within six months. He was the talk of the town for the next few weeks. I was angry with him for his stupid decision, but I still like him very much. Since the day I first saw his films, I started to collect details about him. Initially he was solely a software engineer, but later on he moved to short films as a hobby.

Due to all of the likes posted by people who watched his films on YouTube, he became a professional actor. These memories rapidly came to mind as I saw him from the platform. I climbed up the stairs, wishing to see his face. And when I did, I was stunned. Yes, it was him. While he crossed by me, I saw tears rolling down his cheeks, and he had something in his hands to drink.

After we crossed by each other, my instincts urged me to smack his hands. The drink he had in his hands poured all over me. My white dress was ruined, and I was afraid about how he would react.

He shouted me at, “Won’t you just let me die peacefully.”

” Yes, you can die, I will not stop you…but please buy me a new dress, and then do what you like.” He didn’t expect this answer and paused for a while. I used that pause. “Hey, it’s getting late, and I have to get to my office. Come on.”

“Look , I don’t have time to walk around with you… Take this money and leave me alone,” he replied angrily.

This set me off: “I am not someone who wants to walk around with you, choose someone else for that. But, buy me a dress, then carry on with what you were doing.”

He started to laugh, forgetting his anger, “So you will not go away until I buy you a new dress?”


We went to the Max shopping mall and bought a dress which looked a lot like my ruined one. Then he said, “If you really know who I am, you would not have asked for this dress.” I pretended that I knew nothing about him and replied, “I don’t care even if you are a movie star, I’m not asking for your signature, just for a dress.” He smiled at me.

Afterward, I felt thirsty and went to a juice shop. He followed me there and sat opposite my chair.

 “What? Don’t you have any other job than following me…?” I said in a voice which could be heard only by us.

 “Hey, do you think you are Ishwarya Rai to be followed around by others… Look around, there are no other free chairs except this one. Don’t build castles in the air…stupid.”

I looked around and confirmed he was right. He watched me for a few moments while I was drinking my juice.

The boy in the juice shop said, “Is she your new lover? Hold her hands bro, otherwise she will run like your last one.”

I replied to the boy, “Yes bro, like your father probably thinks of your mother, he also believed his ex was true to him, but all girls are not like your mother with such a pure love…he is not responsible for what his ex did.” The boy was ashamed of himself for what he said and apologized.

Eventually, we moved on from each other to our respective destinations. I didn’t expect him to thank me; he just sat there calmly till I left.

After a week, I saw him again in front of my office, but this time he was smiling. We talked with each other and walked for almost 3 km…

…To be continued in the next post

Gangaa loves reading and writing stories, novels and lyrics in Tamil as well as English. She lives in Tamilnadu located in India and her native tongue is tanjore. She is a big fan of authors such as Ramanichandran, Uma Balakumar, and Chetan. She likes to spread positive energy among the people she lives or meets with. If you are  interested in reading tamil poems or lyrics, pay a visit to https://sinthanaipookal.wordpress.com/. And for random thoughts of a rural girl, check out this  blog: https://thoughtsofriver.wordpress.com/. You can email Gangaa with your comments or feedback at: thoughtsofriver@yahoo.com.

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