Waiting for You (part 3)

Part 3 of a Short Story by Gangaa Arunan–

(Links to the previous parts: Part 1 and Part 2)

I looked at Ajay. The smile in his face and his patience and curiosity was very attractive. I waved my hands for him to come over, and when he did, with a mischievous smile I said, “My friend would like your number. What do you think?” It was an incredibly special moment for him; he knew that I liked him but would never admit it directly.

He said, “Oh, no problem. You can give it to her.”

Wait,” I said. “She has some conditions first.” I paused for his reaction.

Ajay realized my game and said, “Well, I’ll agree to any condition except marrying her.” He lowered his voice at the end of his statement, expecting a little fight.

Catching on, I nodded my head as a sign of acceptance. After getting his number and giving him mine, I moved toward my room without saying goodbye to him. He expected a bye with a cute smile or a little fight, but I didn’t even turn back to him. He was satisfied enough about getting my number.


Soon after, Ajay got a call to film and had to leave. The shooting had been extended to the middle of the night as it was the last day of filming. When he finally returned to his room at 2 am, he decided to take a bath, which earned him a good sleep.

While taking his bath, he recollected the moments with Priya in front of her hostel gate. “She is diplomatic as well as childish,” he said aloud. “She likes me and wants to chat with me, but asked for my number indirectly. Oh baby, I love you so much. When will you call me?”

When he pronounced the word call, it sparked something in his mind—“Oh my god, I didn’t check my mobile since leaving her at the hostel.” He ran out into the room wearing a wet towel to grab the phone.

He was shocked to see that he received more than 50 missed calls from an unfamiliar number, and he was sure that it was the number of his Angel. Ajay had the habit of turning his mobile silent during filming which caused him to miss all of his calls. His inbox was filled with messages. He opened the first new message. Can you guess what it said? Yes, of course, it’s what you think, it is “I hate you.”

He exited the messages and called her, but unfortunately just then her line died. He could not believe his fate. He was restless and cursed himself for not getting her calls earlier. He imagined chatting with her and getting to know more about her personal feelings. Everything was spoiled, and now sleeping was also spoiled.

When the sunlight came to reflect off his face, he realized that the day had arrived. He tried to call her, but still her phone was turned off. He rushed to his car and drove to her hostel. When he reached the hostel, it was 8 am and everyone had started leaving the hostel to go to their various office destinations. He was praying to god that she had not left the hostel yet. He didn’t know that Priya normally woke up at 8 am.


When I woke up, there was serious discussion going on from my roommates in my room which spoiled my sleep a little bit. I asked, “What is going on? Who are you looking at outside the window?” My roommate, with her squeaky voice, replied, “It’s Ajay, baby. He is smart. Only yesterday, I saw his movie on your laptop. We’re wondering why he is waiting in front of our hostel.”

I was shocked by her reply and ran to the gate without thinking how my roommates would react to this stupid behavior. When Ajay saw me, his eyes widened in surprise. I approached him.

Why are you standing here?” I asked.

I came here to meet my girlfriend.”

I am not your girlfriend.”

Did I say that you are my girlfriend? I just said my girlfriend, why did you react to that?”

Oh sorry, bye, I am leaving.”

Hey baby, please don’t go,” he said. “I know you love me.”

Oh, how do you know? Did I say ‘I love you’ to you?”

Yes. I think people who love someone can only say ‘I hate you’ to their loved ones. You said you hate me on your message, which tells me indirectly that you love me.”

I was speechless that he had read my heart.

He said, “OK, I don’t want to disturb you anymore. When you know it, accept your love of me and give me a call.”


Ajay left the hostel without waiting for her reply and rushed to his car quickly. He was worried about what he had said to her. He had planned not to say those things, but he had been unable to contain his emotions and so had expressed his love. He drove to the beach and sat in his car watching the waves.

The waves were so fresh. He never got tired of watching them; every minute they would shake hands with the land and then return to the sea. Time passed, but he didn’t feel hungry. He kept glancing at his mobile expecting a call.

Beep, Beep, Beep! A message arrived on his mobile, and it was from…

To be continued.

Gangaa loves reading and writing stories, novels and lyrics in Tamil as well as English. She lives in Tamilnadu located in India and her native tongue is tanjore. She is a big fan of authors such as Ramanichandran, Uma Balakumar, and Chetan. She likes to spread positive energy among the people she lives or meets with. If you are interested in reading tamil poems or lyrics, pay a visit to https://sinthanaipookal.wordpress.com/. And for random thoughts of a rural girl, check out this blog: https://thoughtsofriver.wordpress.com/. You can email Gangaa with your comments or feedback at: thoughtsofriver@yahoo.com.

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