Waiting for You (part 2)

Part 2 of a Short Story by Gangaa Arunan–

For a change, I want to narrate the story in third person, I hope you like it. Last time, while I was narrating the incident, I did not use the characters’ names. The woman is Priya and my movie star is Ajay. They had a chance encounter the other day while crossing on an overpass at a bus station.

When Priya came out of her office, she saw him in the juice shop across the street. It seemed that he was waiting for our Priya, and to her surprise, with a smile. Seeing her, he moved out of the shop and walked towards her.

“What!” she said. “Are you shooting nearby…or are have you selected this location to film?”

“Nothing like that,” he said. “I have a friend here, and I wanna see her, so I came and have been waiting here for three hours.”

“Three hours!!!? Are you serious?” Priya’s eyes widened. He loved that expression.

He smiled. “Yes Ma’am, I came here at 4 pm.”

“Why did you come so early?” she asked in a curious voice.

“I thought that you would have left the office by now.”

“You think like a child. Am I in school? It’s an office. I only leave here at 7.”

“Oh… I must have assumed wrongly about the type of person you are, but it’s okay.”

“What are you saying?” she said. “What did you assume? Explain now…”

“Mm…while you were selecting colors for your dress the other day, you mentioned the name of the color like a village girl would.”

“What…village girl, huh?”

“Don’t look at me like that, please. Here we call that color purple, but you called it light violet. So I thought you were a younger girl living in the village.”

“OK… OK… But what is the relationship between that and you thinking I would have left earlier?”

“If you were a village girl, I thought that you would hesitate to work at night and that you would leave earlier…” He had lowered his voice slowly, and was now waiting for her response.

She smiled and said, “Stupid. Always thinking stupidly… So, did you ever meet your girl friend?” This time she lowered her voice at the end of her statement and awaited his reaction.

“What!!!!?” he replied with a furrow of his brow. He was more handsome like that, and it made her pause.

“I meant your friend who is a girl,” she murmured in a mischievous voice.

“You are a dangerous girl, and you seem to know everything. But you hide it all with a smile, and I wanna ask you one thing.”

Priya liked his smile, and planning to make him laugh once more, she decided to tease him.

“I know what you are gonna ask me,” she said.

“Alright then, let’s see if you can read my mind or not.”

“’Will you be my girl friend or wife or lover? Otherwise could you please stop talking?’”

“Silly girl. I don’t want to commit suicide again.”

“Have you tried suicide? When?” Priya screamed.

“On the overpass, you bumped into me unexpectedly, right? The bottle in my hand spilled its content on your white dress… Do you remember that?” Priya turned back to that day. She had bumped into him, but she had planned it on purpose to meet him. It wasn’t unexpected. She asked, “You had a coke in your hand, didn’t you?”

“Ya, I had a coke but mixed with poison. That day, you gave me a new life and a new opportunity.”

Priya was awed by his answer. On that day, her instinct had motivated her to bump into him, and now it turned out there was a deeper purpose to what happened. She was amazed about that fact, how destiny acts upon the life of everyone.

“Mm, okay, you were about to ask something, right?” she said. “I distracted the conversation. Tell me, what do you wanna ask?”

“Hey, Priya, please don’t mistake me, this isn’t a joke. This is serious okay. I forgot my credit card and don’t have enough cash… Will you buy me dinner?”

Priya didn’t expect this question, but she nodded her head in acceptance of his request. Both of them walked into the hotel and had dinner. There was a silence between them while eating, and when they looked at each other, they both had a smile on their faces.

After leaving the hotel, they took a walk and both of them were thinking about how to initiate conversation. This time Priya started: “Shall we listen to some music? I forget everything in my life while listening to songs.”

“Mm okay…I would love to.” Listening to music together, they walked almost for three kilometers and finally reached Priya’s hostel. When Priya was about to enter the hostel, she turned back and looked at Ajay.

…To be continued

Gangaa loves reading and writing stories, novels and lyrics in Tamil as well as English. She lives in Tamilnadu located in India and her native tongue is tanjore. She is a big fan of authors such as Ramanichandran, Uma Balakumar, and Chetan. She likes to spread positive energy among the people she lives or meets with. If you are interested in reading tamil poems or lyrics, pay a visit to https://sinthanaipookal.wordpress.com/. And for random thoughts of a rural girl, check out this blog: https://thoughtsofriver.wordpress.com/. You can email Gangaa with your comments or feedback at: thoughtsofriver@yahoo.com.

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