Two oh fourteen, books are coming

books are coming

Look­ing through Goodread’s Pop­u­lar Books of 2014, I am fuelled with enthu­si­asm for the year ahead. Although most likely I would have to repeat my exams a few more times, but it is worth time shared to read some of the titles that would hope­fully be released in the year of the Horse.

First of all, if you have watched or vaguely remem­ber read­ing City of Bones, Cas­san­dra Clare will be return­ing with two books: book six of the Mor­tal Instru­ments and a new Mag­is­terium series start­ing with The Iron Trial. While I am almost bored with the Mor­tal Instru­ments series, the Clock­work Angel series was good and I will look for­ward in the new instal­ment of her well writ­ten stories.

While I was hop­ing that George R. R. Mar­tin would release A Dream of Spring this year, but I guess read­ers will have to con­tent with The World of Ice and Fire, a com­pan­ion book with co-authors who run the largest A Song of Ice and Fire com­mu­nity online (Elio M. Gar­cia Jr. and Linda Anton­s­son). Look­ing at the expected date of release and the series of com­plaints by fans, I won­der if I have made a good deci­sion read­ing the books before the series end, with his advanced age and all.

J. D. Robb also will be pub­lish­ing Con­cealed in Death, the 38th book of the In Death series. Although I am more of a fan of Nora Roberts, I am sure her fans would be thrilled with the Eve Dal­las’ lat­est mys­tery. Note: J. D. Robb is Nora Roberts, both pen names for Eleanor Robert­son, just in case you missed this fact. Nora will be releas­ing Shadow Spell later in April, as a part of The Cousin’s O’Dwyer trilogy.

For tweens, the final book of Rick Riordan’s The Heroes of Olym­pus series will be out in Octo­ber 2014, The Blood of Olym­pus will be the final bat­tle to stop Gaea from awak­en­ing. If you want to read this book, best read the first four. From what I gather from his fans, the fourth one was quite a cliff-hanger.

If you like rewrites of old fairy tales, Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chron­i­cles will fit the bill. Cress (releas­ing Feb­ru­ary 2014) is the third book, a rewrite of sorts on Rapun­zel, only her tower is a satel­lite. This young adult story is good for tweens or peo­ple who want a twist from the gen­eral fairy tale happy ending.

As for me, I am pin­ing for Chris­tine Feehan’s steamy Dark Wolf and Dark Blood, both about Carpathian hunks look­ing for their soul mate. Chris­tine is an erotic romance writer, be warned. If you are inter­ested, Dark Prince is the first book of the unend­ing series, or you can read Lynn Viehl’s Kin­dred series instead.

I end my New Year’s book list with Merry Christ­mas and happy read­ing, if you have any books to rec­om­mend me, leave a com­ment at


Ailyn Koay


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