Two oh fourteen, books are coming

books are coming

Looking through Goodread’s Popular Books of 2014, I am fuelled with enthusiasm for the year ahead. Although most likely I would have to repeat my exams a few more times, but it is worth time shared to read some of the titles that would hopefully be released in the year of the Horse.

First of all, if you have watched or vaguely remember reading City of Bones, Cassandra Clare will be returning with two books: book six of the Mortal Instruments and a new Magisterium series starting with The Iron Trial. While I am almost bored with the Mortal Instruments series, the Clockwork Angel series was good and I will look forward in the new instalment of her well written stories.

While I was hoping that George R. R. Martin would release A Dream of Spring this year, but I guess readers will have to content with The World of Ice and Fire, a companion book with co-authors who run the largest A Song of Ice and Fire community online (Elio M. Garcia Jr. and Linda Antonsson). Looking at the expected date of release and the series of complaints by fans, I wonder if I have made a good decision reading the books before the series end, with his advanced age and all.

J. D. Robb also will be publishing Concealed in Death, the 38th book of the In Death series. Although I am more of a fan of Nora Roberts, I am sure her fans would be thrilled with the Eve Dallas’ latest mystery. Note: J. D. Robb is Nora Roberts, both pen names for Eleanor Robertson, just in case you missed this fact. Nora will be releasing Shadow Spell later in April, as a part of The Cousin’s O’Dwyer trilogy.

For tweens, the final book of Rick Riordan’s The Heroes of Olympus series will be out in October 2014, The Blood of Olympus will be the final battle to stop Gaea from awakening. If you want to read this book, best read the first four. From what I gather from his fans, the fourth one was quite a cliff-hanger.

If you like rewrites of old fairy tales, Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles will fit the bill. Cress (releasing February 2014) is the third book, a rewrite of sorts on Rapunzel, only her tower is a satellite. This young adult story is good for tweens or people who want a twist from the general fairy tale happy ending.

As for me, I am pining for Christine Feehan’s steamy Dark Wolf and Dark Blood, both about Carpathian hunks looking for their soul mate. Christine is an erotic romance writer, be warned. If you are interested, Dark Prince is the first book of the unending series, or you can read Lynn Viehl’s Kindred series instead.

I end my New Year’s book list with Merry Christmas and happy reading, if you have any books to recommend me, leave a comment at


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