Top 5 Books for New Fans of Fiction

Top 5 Books for New Fans of Fiction

Top 5 Books for New Fans of Fiction - - Photo Credit To Flickr User tj.blackwell

Photo Credit To Flickr User tj.blackwell

Fictional books can be quite exciting to read because they take us away from the world we’re living in to a world that we may want to live in. In some cases, fictional stories may be reflective of our thoughts and ideologies, too. If you have recently taken a liking to fictional books, here are the top 5 books for new fans of fiction:

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The book is about a young adolescent in the midst of growing up, Charlie. Initially, he’s an introverted, shy, and unsociable young man. He meets new people at college who invite him to a party. Here he is introduced to new people who refer to themselves as “Wallflowers” because they are unique and unlike your everyday, typical, college student. Charlie, soon, learns about affairs of the heart, sex, and drama (with friends and family) as one of the various Wallflowers. Why is it on the top 5 list you ask? Readers will come to see that the book touches upon many areas that are not spoken about too openly. It explores the mind of any introverted boy and helps readers understand why such individuals may be the way they are.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Christopher is a 15 year old boy who sets out to find the murderer of his neighbor’s dog. However, Christopher has a major struggle that he lives with in his day-to-day: he is autistic. An adventure unfolds before him on his investigative quest. Why is it on the top 5 list? The author writes from the point of view of a boy with autism. It’s a great book to help you understand the mind of someone who may be different than you are.

The Goldfinch

Theo’s mother died in a horrible car accident when he was only 13 years old. He survived the same accident only to see that his father abandons him. Theo discovers a maze at an antique store that he works in. As the story progresses it shows how Theo comes to realize that this maze isn’t just a maze — it’s something far more dangerous. Why is it on the top 5 list? The book is very well-written and extremely captivating. The immersiveness of the book will make you want to keep reading through the night because of its amazing plot and prose.

Burial Rites

Agnes is a girl who has been accused of the murder of her masters in Iceland. She wishes to save herself because she is not guilty but others wish to bring her to justice. How can Agnes be able to save herself when preference is given to the voice of the masses over her own? This book is based on a true story as the writer touches upon the hardships that women had to go through in the 1800s. The book combines history and fiction in an excellent manner and offers itself as a masterpiece of fiction.

The Medea Complex

Anne Stanbury cannot defend herself when she is accused of a crime that she did not commit. She is sent to a mental asylum and is deemed insane. It falls upon her well-reputed doctor, George Savage, to save her now. Why did this book make the cut? The book gives readers an insight into themselves. It allows them to self-reflect so that they are aware of the factors and aspects of life that make them so passionate that they can actually be said to be suffering from insanity.

These are some of the best books that any new fan of fiction must read. Some of these are the perfect blend of history and fiction. They are well-written and the prose is amazing too. What is unique about these books is that they make us question how we think and self-reflect. There are several other fiction books to be read. Which ones do you recommend?


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