Top 5 Books for New Fans of Fiction

Top 5 Books for New Fans of Fiction

Top 5 Books for New Fans of Fiction - - Photo Credit To Flickr User tj.blackwell

Photo Credit To Flickr User tj.blackwell

Fic­tional books can be quite excit­ing to read because they take us away from the world we’re liv­ing in to a world that we may want to live in. In some cases, fic­tional sto­ries may be reflec­tive of our thoughts and ide­olo­gies, too. If you have recently taken a lik­ing to fic­tional books, here are the top 5 books for new fans of fiction:

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The book is about a young ado­les­cent in the midst of grow­ing up, Char­lie. Ini­tially, he’s an intro­verted, shy, and unso­cia­ble young man. He meets new peo­ple at col­lege who invite him to a party. Here he is intro­duced to new peo­ple who refer to them­selves as “Wall­flow­ers” because they are unique and unlike your every­day, typ­i­cal, col­lege stu­dent. Char­lie, soon, learns about affairs of the heart, sex, and drama (with friends and fam­ily) as one of the var­i­ous Wall­flow­ers. Why is it on the top 5 list you ask? Read­ers will come to see that the book touches upon many areas that are not spo­ken about too openly. It explores the mind of any intro­verted boy and helps read­ers under­stand why such indi­vid­u­als may be the way they are.

The Curi­ous Inci­dent of the Dog in the Night-Time

Christo­pher is a 15 year old boy who sets out to find the mur­derer of his neighbor’s dog. How­ever, Christo­pher has a major strug­gle that he lives with in his day-to-day: he is autis­tic. An adven­ture unfolds before him on his inves­tiga­tive quest. Why is it on the top 5 list? The author writes from the point of view of a boy with autism. It’s a great book to help you under­stand the mind of some­one who may be dif­fer­ent than you are.

The Goldfinch

Theo’s mother died in a hor­ri­ble car acci­dent when he was only 13 years old. He sur­vived the same acci­dent only to see that his father aban­dons him. Theo dis­cov­ers a maze at an antique store that he works in. As the story pro­gresses it shows how Theo comes to real­ize that this maze isn’t just a maze — it’s some­thing far more dan­ger­ous. Why is it on the top 5 list? The book is very well-written and extremely cap­ti­vat­ing. The immer­sive­ness of the book will make you want to keep read­ing through the night because of its amaz­ing plot and prose.

Bur­ial Rites

Agnes is a girl who has been accused of the mur­der of her mas­ters in Ice­land. She wishes to save her­self because she is not guilty but oth­ers wish to bring her to jus­tice. How can Agnes be able to save her­self when pref­er­ence is given to the voice of the masses over her own? This book is based on a true story as the writer touches upon the hard­ships that women had to go through in the 1800s. The book com­bines his­tory and fic­tion in an excel­lent man­ner and offers itself as a mas­ter­piece of fiction.

The Medea Complex

Anne Stan­bury can­not defend her­self when she is accused of a crime that she did not com­mit. She is sent to a men­tal asy­lum and is deemed insane. It falls upon her well-reputed doc­tor, George Sav­age, to save her now. Why did this book make the cut? The book gives read­ers an insight into them­selves. It allows them to self-reflect so that they are aware of the fac­tors and aspects of life that make them so pas­sion­ate that they can actu­ally be said to be suf­fer­ing from insanity.

These are some of the best books that any new fan of fic­tion must read. Some of these are the per­fect blend of his­tory and fic­tion. They are well-written and the prose is amaz­ing too. What is unique about these books is that they make us ques­tion how we think and self-reflect. There are sev­eral other fic­tion books to be read. Which ones do you recommend?


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