The Top 20 Strategies On Writing A Romance Novel

The Top 20 Strategies on Writing a Romance Novel by Elizabeth Terry

In all hon­esty, I enjoy read­ing books which tackle romance and wom­an­hood. I may be a fem­i­nist but this par­tic­u­lar genre is giv­ing me a ray of hope for my future heart story. If you are an aspir­ing writer who would want to ven­ture on writ­ing short sto­ries, novel­las or even a novel about love and romance, there are things you should remem­ber. Basi­cally, these things are the stan­dard for­mula for writ­ing a romance story/novel.

And now, the 20 things you should remem­ber when writ­ing about the heart:


1. Con­flict and Emo­tion – This is always present in any romance novel. This is the core of the novel you are about to write. In each and every page, there should be con­flicts and emo­tional issues for the characters.

2. Pop­u­lar Theme – We always read romance nov­els with the same themes. Like child­hood sweet­hearts or the-girl-hates-the-boy-and-vice-versa theme. These are among the pop­u­lar sce­nar­ios which can be bor­ing at times and you can work on it. Make a new twist on this typ­i­cal romance setup. Peo­ple are always look­ing for a new spin on a story.

3. One View­point – This is impor­tant for clar­ity and coher­ence. Make sure you make one sin­gle view­point when cre­at­ing a scene or chapter.

4. An Appeal­ing Male Char­ac­ter – Make sure your main char­ac­ter is appeal­ing. Like being inde­pen­dent, sweet, charm­ing or mas­cu­line. Just like the char­ac­ter of Noah in Nicholas Sparks’ The Note­book.

5. Beau­ti­ful Hero­ine – This does not mean that she should be really beau­ti­ful. Mean­ing, the lead­ing lady of your novel should be pretty inside out. Some­one you want to be friends with.

6. The Spirit – Make your hero­ine  a hope­ful one.

7. The Dra­matic Scene – Write in detail the set­ting. Make it excit­ing and vivid that the read­ers see it in front of their eyes.

8. Com­pat­i­bil­ity – The set­ting of your novel should match char­ac­ter and the mood you are try­ing to create.

9. The Sen­sual Ten­sion – There should always be sen­sual ten­sion between the hero and the hero­ine. It makes the scenario/chapter more exciting.

10. Dia­logue – Make use of dia­logue more often in each scene to con­vey the mes­sage of your characters.


1. No Drama – As a writer, you should not be afraid to cre­ate drama between your char­ac­ters. Even if your ideas are really chaotic. Drama is important.

2. The Weak Hero – Don’t cre­ate a weak hero. You can want your read­ers to be inspired and be down.

3. The Vain Hero­ine – Your hero­ine should be simple.

4. The Vain Hero – If your hero is vain, then he’s not mas­cu­line at all.

5. Switch­ing View­points – As I said above, there should only be a sin­gle view­point per scene.

6. More than Two View­points is  A No-No – A sin­gle view­point must be followed.

7. Con­tro­ver­sial Issues – Don’t use con­tro­ver­sial issues in a tra­di­tional romance novel.

8. Con­trived Sit­u­a­tions – Don’t devise a clever sit­u­a­tions just to cre­ate ten­sion on your novel.

9. Ide­al­is­tic Approach – Keep in mind that what you are writ­ing is an ideal love story.

10. Con­fused and Hang­ing – It’s a no-no to make your read­ers guess what hap­pened to the lead char­ac­ters. There should be answers on who, what, when, where, why and how.

Now, you’re ready to cre­ate your ideal romance novel. Just fol­low these strate­gies and you will be a suc­cess­ful romance novelist.


Eliz­a­beth Terry enjoys writ­ing and is open to any ways to enhance her writ­ing skills. She’s a reg­u­lar writer at while pur­su­ing her degree in Cre­ative Writ­ing. She’s also fond of shar­ing good thoughts and funny pic­tures on her Google+ and per­sonal blog.

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