The Brooklyn Boys Club

The Brooklyn Boys Club is a biographical account of wild and charismatic Renzo and his adventures growing up as an Italian-American in Brooklyn. It is told through chapters that focus on different aspects of Renzo’s life, and each chapter is filled with hilarious and riveting mini-stories illustrating Renzo’s wild times.

Brooklyn Boys Club by Eliie MidwoodIt is the newest book from author Ellie Midwood. She came to the United States right after graduating from the faculty of foreign languages in Moscow, Russia. Her impressions from her first several years in New York comprised the base of her book The New York Doll. It is Ellie’s skill at keenly tapping into real-life stories among particular groups of people that makes her work so intriguing to read. In The Brooklyn Boys Club, she taps into the reality of wild and dangerous Italian-American youths growing up in Brooklyn and provides the reader with a feeling of authenticity. She gives clear, entertaining glimpses into this oftentimes alluring world.

The synopsis of the book reads: “Born and raised in Bensonhurst Brooklyn, Renzo has always been the craziest kid on the block: always first to sink a boat, to steal a car or to egg-bombard an unlucky cop. However, as he grows up, his ‘stunts,’ fearlessness and great personality attract the attention of the underground rulers of the heavily mob-associated neighborhood. Now Renzo and his friends have to decide for themselves if they want to become a part of the ‘family’ …or create their own Brooklyn Boys ‘family,’ where the first rule is there are no rules.

“Impossible to put down, The Brooklyn Boys Club is a roller-coaster that will open the Italian-American side of New York to you on a completely different level: you will laugh out loud, you’ll hold your breath and in the end you’ll fall in love with Renzo and his daredevils, who laugh in the face of danger and never play it safe.”

Definitely check this one out. It’s available now on Amazon.

Also, check out her other books, Officer Jame’s Coleman’s Bad Day and The New York Doll. The first is about a New Jersey police officer having a really bad day at work. However, a chase which he participates in at the end of his shift takes a very unusual turn…

officer james colemans bad daynew york doll

The New York Doll shows the reader what life is really like for exotic dancers.

“I wanted my readers to see why the girls have to get into this business and what happens when they leave it. We all have different paths in life, some of us get our happy endings, and some still keep struggling, but the point is, we are all fighters, as it takes great courage to overcome yourself, to step over your feelings and come out on stage wearing nothing but a tiny G-string, plastic shoes and a smile.” –Ellie Midwood

Author Ellie Midwood lives in New York with her boyfriend and their chihuahua. Make sure to connect with her at:

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