Don’t promote your book, promote yourself

A.E. Albert

By A.E. Albert — I decided to write a book. Tell a story. Combine words on a page in such a way that would communicate a message. Yes, this was hard work, but none-the-less I believed it was a simple and direct endeavor.

Then I was told, I needed to create a social platform to promote myself. Of course, I now know this is absolutely necessary. However, for the technologically challenged and computer illiterate, I found myself almost drowning in HTML.

In This Case, It Really Is About You

In the beginning, I made all the necessary accounts. Except for one problem, all of these accounts were in the name of my book. I thought this made sense. I want people to read my book, so I need to get its name out there. Then I realized; what about my next book? Or the one after that? It suddenly dawned on me; it’s not my book I’m promoting. It’s me, the author. My book isn’t actually the product, I am.

Building a social platform takes years. If you center it on the name of your book, you’ll only have to work that much harder to promote your next one. Think about it. How many times have you discovered a new author and ran to their website? You wanted to know what books they like, what their inspiration is, how many pets they own.

Don’t Just Flaunt Your Skills. Flaunt That Personality!

Privacy is becoming a passé concept. In this new electronic age, authors can no longer hide behind their manuscripts, only to be glimpsed at book signings and readings. People want to know who they are.

Having an interesting and sometimes over-the-top personality can be a key ingredient to fame in the entertainment industry. It’s not all about skill anymore. Don’t get me wrong, quality work is necessary. You can get someone to read your work through a brilliant promotion plan. However, that won’t keep them reading on its own.

I’m talking about getting your foot in the door. This includes being visible and known on the web. Let others get to know who you are. Let your picture become a recognizable fixture in forums and blogs, build relationships and trust. Trust is important.

Time Is Precious

So many writers think, why won’t people buy my book? I know the same thought has passed through my head. We Indie authors need to remember that people work, sleep and have other commitments to keep. What spare time they have, they want to spend doing something they know they’ll enjoy doing. Let’s face it, why would someone risk their hard earned and valued free time reading some novel by an unknown author?

Don’t Wait For Opportunity To Come Knocking. You Have To Bang On The Door!

Let people get to know you and then…keep them wanting more. When you reveal your masterpiece to the world, there will be people waiting to read what you have to say. Yes, it’s scary to expose yourself to millions of people. However, serendipity on its own can’t make your dreams happen. You have to.

So…take a deep breath, grow a very thick skin and jump.


A.E. Albert

A.E. Albert is a Child & Youth Worker for many years and Canadian author of the new novel, The Time Sphere. It is an action/adventure story for the child in all of us.

The Time Sphere is an emotional journey for anyone who has ever felt all alone in the world and knows the power of hope. Join Billy on his voyage through time and space and the path to self discovery.

You can find A.E. Albert at her site, on Twitter, and on Facebook.

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  1. Another good article Aimee.. Most of its message won’t ever apply to me, but everything you say is valid.

    Initially, it’s The Representative’s content that prompts me to imagine not being applicable to the message, but then I re-assess why.

    I haven’t the heart for it! Creating a blog, using twitter, or facebook; using social media, period.. This isn’t me. I’m the person who created The Representative, which means I’m the one who wants to penetrate the reality around them, meaning being a literalist.

    It’s still wonderful, though, your message (and, like yesterday’s comment.. it’s very much “your” message.)

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