Green Eyes

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Green Eyes

Written by The Mysterious Blogger

It was cold outside. He knew that because he had just entered  the house. Joe put his jacket on a chair and entered the living room. They were all there, sitting around the table playing scrabble. His daughter, Rose, his son, Jake and his wife, Amanda. Strange indeed. Something was missing. Someone.

“Oh, hey honey. How was your day?” asked Amanda.

“It was…it was good. H-how about yours?” answered Joe.

“Good. The kids came earlier from school. Look,” she said showing him a drawing. “Rose made it.”

From the paper, three faces were smiling. Three. Rose, Jake, Amanda. But he? He was trapped again in that office. “Just tonight, Joe. I promise. Just tonight”, said his boss. Candice. Uh …lovely woman. Tall, nice legs, long red hair and green eyes. Irish probably. And the way she dresses? Amazing. Short skirt, high heels, black jacket. A big ring on her finger. But she can’t be married. Though she always leaves the office with the same guy. Who knows?

Just tonight. Yeah, sure. It happens every weekend. Same story.

“Joe? Joe?!”

“Y-yeah. Yeah?”

“You ok?”

“Yeah, sure. I’m fine.”

Who was he kidding? He wasn’t ok. She did it again. Came to his office.

“Can you stay tonight? Please, just tonight. I really need help.”

He intended to say no, but Candice came closer and closer and closer. Her hair touched his cheek. She smiled. Red lips, white teeth. “S-sure. I’ll stay.”

“Perfect”, she said leaving his office.

God. Not again. But she wasn’t the problem. It was him. The Face. Following. Looking. Staring. Always there. In the shadows. Watching. Waiting. Waiting for him to fail. But faces have name, don’t they? And this face had a name too :Harold G. The owner. They don’t even know his last name. He was always there, in the shadows. Waiting. Waiting for him to fail.

Touch her. Just a finger, and Joe would be gone. Like the last guy. What has his name? Ramon? What kind of name is that? Ramon just whispered something in her ear. Fired. Gone. He was next. It’s like she was hunting. Hunting for men. Hunting affection, admiration, love. Her only purpose was to make them all want her. Dream her. Stare at her. She knew. She could feel them watching her. Joe was one of them. Staring, dreaming. He was falling in love. Red lips, white teeth. Short skirt, long legs. Red hair, green eyes.

But today was different. He didn’t touch her. She touched him. Sat near him. He was paralyzed. Couldn’t move. Afraid. Feeling the look over his shoulder.

But she moved. “You know. I really like you.”

He was paralyzed.

“Maybe later…you and I”

“I have to go,” Joe said rising.

“Wait. You don’t like me?”

He looked at her face. She was terrified. Her whole world had crashed. She looked like a child. A very beautiful child. Her lips opened for a second. White teeth. She rose slowly.

“He is not here. The boss. We are alone”

Alone. Impossible. But this feeling. Someone watching. But there was nobody here. They were alone. Alone…with her.

Short skirt, long legs, white teeth, red lips, red hair, green eyes.

“You don’t like me?”

It was impossible. How can somebody not like her? She was amazing. This was his chance. So he took it.

Her lips. Hot. Her smell. Alluring. Her body perfect.

He kissed her again and again. His self control was gone. This woman was amazing. She was everything he wanted. But that picture on his desk. Amanda’s picture. He watched it for a second. Blue t-shirt, long brown hair, pink lips, brown eyes. He turned his head and kissed Candice again. Crash. Amanda’s picture was now on the ground. Candice threw it. Amanda was smiling from the ground. Shards.

‘Wait. I can’t do this. I have to go” he said.

And he left. His wife was waiting for him at home. And he went home.


Joe was watching his family playing scrabble. This was all he ever needed. Them. His wife, his children.

Candice never came back. He never saw her again. Just in his dreams. He was under her spell. Forced to dream about her every time he was laying in the bed near his wife. Every time when he was kissing her. Forced to see a short skirt, long legs, high heels, red lips, white teeth, red hair…green eyes.

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