Great Novels Set on Halloween

Written with moonlit and ghost-filled imaginations, all of these novels are set either on or right around Halloween. These gold and ocher tinged stories are sure to be the best tricks and treats you get this year.

The Halloween Tree (1972)

Author: Ray Bradbury

Halloween Tree

Author: Ray Bradbury / Art: Leo and Diane Dillon

A group of boys search for their missing friend Pipkin, who has been taken on Halloween night by a mysterious force. Led by the sinister Carapace Clavicle Moundshroud, the boys venture to different times and places that have inspired the Halloween we now know in search for their friend.

The Halloween Tree is written by master storyteller, Ray Bradbury, so that is the first reason not to miss out on this story. Another is how effectively he writes about the strength and power of the bonds and friendships we have as children.

There is also a great cartoon based on the book that is quite a treat. And without a doubt worth reading by Bradbury is Something Wicked This Way Comes, which is about two friends experience with a dark carnival that comes to their midwestern town a week before Halloween.


Gods of The Nowhere: A Novel of Halloween (2013)

Author: James Tipper

Gods of The Nowhere by James Tipper

Author: James Tipper / Artist: John Pelico

The story centers around Sam, a high school senior who is very different from other kids. He can feel the pull of a dark otherworldly place. With the help of his friend Lucia, Sam intends to seek out this other world on Halloween, when the veil between it and our own world is thinnest.

It features a lot of folklore, legends, and mythology, and its own take on them. Just released in 2013, this novel is gaining a lot of word of mouth and has been very well-received by fans of the genre.


Dark Harvest (2006)

Author: Norman Partridge

Dark Harvest

In a Midwestern town every Halloween, boys seek to defeat a mysterious pumpkin-headed horror that arises from the cornfields. If they do, they receive a reward. No one wishes to succeed this year more than protagonist Peter McCormack, but this year Peter may get more than he was hoping for.

Author Norman Partridge is praised by both authors and fans for his high-quality Halloween tale. It already seems to have taken its place amongst the greats.


Horrorween – Book 1 of the Orangefield Series (2006)

Author: Al Sarrantonio


Horrorween by Al Sarrantonio / Cover Design: David Dodd; Cover Image: Jeremiah Morelli

Comprising book 1 of The Orangefield Cycle, Al Sarrantonio weaves a tale of an approaching Halloween in a small town where Death itself lives.

Written by another great of the horror genre, Sarrantonio gives you a whole set of novels to delve into the connected world of Orangefield.


A Night in the Lonesome October (1993)

Author: Roger Zelazny

A Night in the Lonesome October

This horrific and humorous tale follows Snuff, a dog and familiar to a sorcerer Jack the Ripper in Victorian London. Jack, as well as other colorful and mythic characters, are preparing this Halloween for the chance return of the Elder Gods. Some seek for them to return, while others seek to keep them away.

This mash-up of archetypal characters results in a spectacular Halloween romp. The emphasis of pop elements such as colorful characters and stylish storytelling is one reason Halloween tales such as this are so much fun.


The Halloween Legion (2011)

Author: Martin Powell

The Halloween Legion

Author: Martin Powell / Cover: Danny Kelly

Halloween meets superheroes. Based around this great and original concept, an unusual group of heroes seeks to save the day.

This just oozes fun, and there is a graphic novel worth checking out as well.


Ghost Road Blues (2006)

Author: Jonathan Maberry

Ghost Road Blues

A serial killer’s rampage through a small town thirty years ago has left that town a modern haunted tourist attraction for Halloween. In fact, it’s called the most haunted town in America. Unfortunately, the real horrors are starting back up again.


Halloween Jack and the Devil’s Gate – Vol. 1 (2011)

Author: M. Todd Gallowglas

Halloween Jack and the Devils Gate

Demons are only allowed to roam the earth on Halloween night. But when they gain full access, it is up to young Jack to fight an army of steampunk monsters led by the Devil himself.


The Manse (1987)

Author: Lisa W. Cantrell

The Manse

The Manse is a house used as an innocent haunted attraction each Halloween for trick or treaters, but this year it turns into a real house of horrors.


These books capture the magic of the crisp fall air, the pattering and hollering of children running up and down neighborhood streets on Halloween night, and the fun and nostalgia of the season. Definitely don’t miss out on filling your season with the fun, scares, and excitement these novels provide. Delve into these special worlds conjured up just for you.

Also check out All Hallows Read, promoted by Neil Gaiman. The idea is to give someone you know, or don’t, a scary book this Halloween.

If we missed any exceptional novels that take place on Halloween, please let us know in the comments!

Happy Halloween!

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