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By Jessy Troy –

Being a freelance writer is an incredible experience. You are essentially building your own career on a skill you have probably always had, which is something many try and fail at. The Internet has made this process even easier, with endless opportunities for those who look for them. You can generate an entire income, working as your own boss from home.

Part of being truly successful is working towards honing this skill and improving in all areas. You have to increase your vocabulary and learn to write with efficiency and high quality, which is where most people put their focus. But what about the freelancing part?

From finding work to learning more about the niche you have chosen to immerse yourself in, there is a lot to work at. Which can be made much easier if you have the right tools.

These resources are all very useful, free and can help you to improve your freelance writing business.


About Freelance Writing

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This blog is run by Anne Wayman, a prolific freelance writer that has been in the business for more than 30 years. While she admits it took a lot of time, she eventually became completely self-sufficient with her income made by writing, and it increases more every year.

She has put together a great collection of articles on living and working as a freelancer. She also has a collection of ebooks and audiobooks, a section on setting fees and a page where she updates a list of freelancing jobs from around the web three times per week. You can subscribe via email for these updates in your inbox.



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One of the most popular freelancing sites on the web, Copyblogger is a full resource for anyone who is looking to generate more traffic to their website or blog, find opportunities for franchise expansion or learn the ways of online marketing. In fact, they currently have an impressive 20 part course completely free on the topic of Internet marketing.

If you have been looking for a site that will assist you on improving your copywriting or SEO writing, this one is especially beneficial. But they also have sections on landing pages, email marketing, keyword research, content marketing and more.


The Renegade Writer

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Another site run by people who have really “made it” in the biz, The Renegade Writer is the blog run by Linda Formichelli and Diane Burrell. The two co-authored a book by the same name, which is widely considered one of the best on the topic of freelance writing in today’s multi-media focused world.

They have plenty of tele-classes and courses, all free, and even paid phone mentoring from Linda. While it is a bit pricey, it isn’t nearly as bad as many other similar programs, and costs $140/hour, or $75/half hour.


Freelance Writing Gigs

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Any writer will tell you that half the battle is finding work. That is even more true if you don’t have steady clients who provide at least some continual work. Which many freelancers, especially those in the beginning stages, don’t yet have. So where do you turn?

A number of sites have lists of jobs, but Freelance Writing Gigs post almost every day with new ones for you to peruse. They are also a lot more thorough, and have a bit of work sent into them by people who want their ad seen.

In addition, they have a grammar guide, a business tools section and more.


The Savvy Freelancer

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There is a lot to be offered on this blog, which is written by the talented Alexis Rodrigo. But of everything on her site, perhaps the most helpful is her amazing 31-day guide to building (or improving) a freelance business. You can either read through each part, or sign up for a daily action guide that breaks it up into a month of lessons.

She truly does cover all areas, from assessing your skills and strengths as a writer, to setting your rates. She even has several articles on WordPress plugins that will help your personal site, and tips on competing in a rather highly-saturated marketplace.



There are so many challenges as a freelance writer, which you will probably have seen through experience. But whether you are just getting started or you have been in the game for awhile, there are tools that can help you get past those struggles and be successful in all you do.

What are some of your own favorites that you use on a regular basis? Let us know in the comments.

By Jessy Troy

Jessy is a creative writer and stay at home mom providing blogging and writing services.

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  1. Love these sites. I’ve used Freelance Writing Gigs to score at least three long-term writing gigs.
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