Is An EBook A Good Way To Self-Publish?

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Have you written something that has been rejected by publishers, but which you feel is worthy of attention? Keep in mind that there is a possibility that all those publishers are wrong! Self-publishing means you can rely on the only person that matters: you.

Anyone can become a published writer thanks to the recent invention of eBooks, and these can be a great launch pad for writers who are struggling to find publishers or who can’t afford the costs involved in ‘offline’ self-publishing.

What is eBook Publishing All About?

Using their own initiative, beginners and professionals alike can orchestrate the release of their work through self-publishing online. Advertising, layout and design can all be controlled by the writer, so that the finished product is exactly what they envisioned.

Unfortunately, self-promotion can backfire without the necessary understanding of the market. For example, if the author is fixated on using a zany, off-the-wall design for the cover of their book about a serious topic, that may make the book unsuccessful, regardless of the quality of the writing. That is why, despite the extra costs, hiring advertisers and designers can help the book reach its full potential.

Why Self-Publish?

Finding a publisher who likes your work enough to publish it is a tricky thing. It all depends on their tastes and interests; if they have an inherent bias towards factual books, they may dismiss your book all about the flying spaghetti monster, or something equally fanciful.

Self-publishing allows you to let the public be the judge of your book; since different people have different likes and dislikes, there are bound to be people out there who enjoy your work. eBooks help you to reach them.

So, How Do I Do It?

The internet is abundant with sites to help things along though. On, donations can be made by users to help fund projects that interest them. And with, you can publish your eBook for free or buy a package which relieves you of the extra tasks such as advertising and design, so you can concentrate on the hardest task of all – writing the book.

Advantages of eBook Publishing

Using technology makes every process far more efficient, including the self-publishing process. You can alter every detail easily without compromising on quality, which makes editing easy. Certain types of genres are more popular on eBooks too, such as light reading books, which could help bolster the sale of your product if that’s your niche.

Disadvantages of eBook Publishing

Despite the growing popularity of the eBook, no one would regard them as a staple of every household whereas a bookshelf is. You run the risk of limiting your audience by publishing your work online, and if you’re self-publishing, the difficult task of promoting your book is left to you.

So, are eBooks Worth It?

In an ideal world, you’d publish both as hard/paperback and as an eBook, to capture every possible audience. But as we all know, writing is hard to turn into a lucrative pursuit, so it is preferable to start off with the self-publishing eBook system and work your way towards other formats when you have the funds.

eBook publishing is easy and more affordable than hardback/paperback publishing, and is rapidly growing in popularity. Although some writers do not feel accomplished until they have physical copies of their writings, if your work is good enough, you will succeed no matter where you begin.

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Harry Whiteman is an aspiring writer who knows all too well the difficulties of publishing. He writes for The GKBC Writers’ Academy.

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