Common Misuses of Words

Common Misuses of Words

Spelling words incorrectly while on the job, especially in messages to your boss, is a sure way to be embarrassed while you are working. You never want to appear like you do not know what you are talking about. It can sometimes be confusing when reading a paper or email that has incorrect spelling because even the simplest mistakes can have a great effect on the meaning of a sentence. For example, telling someone to get the mail and telling them to get the male have two completely different meanings. One signifies fetching a man or boy to come to you while the other involves going to the mailbox to pick up letters or packages. You may be able to decipher what someone is trying to say after a minute of rereading the sentence, but by that time the damage is already done. Read through the infographic below to see a couple of examples of words that are commonly mistaken for others.

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Common Misuses of Words infographic

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  1. Haha. so funny yet so true

    • Right. Some mistakes are so easy to make. I remember the difference between desert and dessert because with dessert (ice-cream and cake), which has two of the letter s in it, you always want more.

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