Scares That Care

Scares that Care! is a horror convention that raises money for sick children and families in need. There I met some great authors and found some new and interesting reads to share with you. [Read More]

Waiting for You (part 2)

Part 2 of a Short Story by Gangaa Arunan– For a change, I want to narrate the story in third person, I hope you like it. Last time, while I was narrating the incident, I did not use the [Read More]

Finding Ideas

By Francis H Powell— A writer looks at a blank screen, their mind searches for ideas, of what to write. They tap away, but don’t like what they have written and the delete button clears all they [Read More]

Waiting for You

Part 1 of a Short Story by Gangaa Arunan– It was a busy Monday. I was walking from my hostel to the office. I looked pretty that day, wearing a white churidhar. I am a person who always wears a [Read More]
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