Book Promotion Generates Exposure, Interest And Ultimately Revenue

Guest Article: Book Promotion Generates Exposure, Interest And Ultimately Revenue Guest Article: Book Promotion Generates Exposure, Interest And Ultimately Revenue

Anybody with a vivid imagination or with an enthralling story to tell the world can write a book. Once you have got the beginning of the story in your mind, you will think about the characters you want, the setting, the crux of the entire story as well as an ending. Writing a book can be extremely exciting, and all the time you are writing, thoughts will be turning towards book promotion. During your writing period, in talking excitedly about your book, you will already be able to get an idea of the kind of people who show a genuine interest in your story and how your book will appeal to a certain audience. Word-of-mouth is still the best advertising and each new title you complete will generate more sales because readers like to identify with a good author, scooping up the latest titles that the author brings out.

The Different Ways Content of your Book reaches Audiences

There are a number of other good ways for book promotion:

-Offer an electronic version of your book. There are book conversion companies who will turn your paperback novel into an e-book. Posting your digital e-book online is profitable and thousands of people visit book recommendation sites looking for new books and authors, and yours can be shown there too.

-Authors can use their free membership to promote themselves and their books. Reviews of your book on these sites can help your book really stand out and members can even read excerpts and the first chapter of a book to get an idea of what the book is really about and the writing style of the author.

-Write a blog. A blog is a brilliant promotional tool for book promotion and will quickly spread the word of a new book and author. By publishing informative and interesting articles about your book, you give yourself  professional credibility, allowing you to reach more people and sell more books. With You Tube you can drum up interest in your book by embedding a video about it in your blog.

-Millions of consumers are on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn – you can even create a Facebook page for each book and include book reviews and interesting details about your book. Along with Twitter you can build up a following and receive feedback about your book from followers.

A Productive and Cost Effective Way for Book Promotion

Books need readers and without book promotion you won’t get your book out to a potential audience. Of course you want the most productive and cost-effective way to promote your books for it to become a best seller. The Goodreads Author Program helps authors reach this potential audience, and as the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations, they have an entire ‘package’, offering a host of fantastic features.You will be able to make an author profile that will appeal to heaps of passionate readers.The Author Program is for anyone with published books, or who are in the process of publishing a book. Authors will be able to add a picture, write a blog, post videos, share book excerpts and much more. As the world’s largest site for readers, having effective promotional tools at your disposal like listing book giveaways before official publication can assist with getting early reviews of your book.

Building a Platform for an Author’s Writing

The success of your book lies to a large extent with its promotion, and a proven way for book promotion is the Internet. For the best results you want a book and author recommendation site specifically designed to promote and support the author and the book. Goodreads provide readers with heaps of valid reasons to visit their site, creating an interactive relationship with readers and the chance to share enthusiasm about a book, allowing that enthusiasm to spread like a wild fire to others looking for a good book to read and to also connect with the author.

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