Why Your Book Deserves An Awesome Book Cover Design

Book cover designs many believe are fundamental to the success of books! While undoubtedly content is king, for people to be able to even access that content, they need to first pick up a book! Expert book cover designers, adept at the art and science of book cover design, know just what design elements to add, to make a book cover eye-catching! They pay attention to every detail, from the visual or artwork on the book cover; the book title-the font type and size used; the background color of the book cover; the display of the text on the front and back covers; to the writing on the spine of a book! Aspects that we simply take for granted, are actually design elements that have come to be, because a lot of thought and strategy has gone into them!

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After Investing So Much Effort into Your Book-Don’t Hold Back on an Awesome Cover!

The first time that you thought of writing your book, it must certainly have been a frightening and fascinating thought at the same time! It must have taken enormous courage for you, to pen down your thoughts and even think of bringing them out in front of the world! It also must have taken a lot of hard work, patience, tenacity and resilience to not give up on your idea; and see your book to the finish! However, after spending so many sleepless nights and tiring days, working on your book, it would all be a waste if your story does not reach the audience it is meant for!

The pertinent question that almost every book writer ponders over after finishing a book, is- “How do I get my target readers to buy my book from the shop and read it?” Book marketing experts believe that an impressive and appealing book cover design is a definite first step in this direction!

People Do Judge a Book by Its Cover

The fundamental reason why books continue to be judged by their covers can be attributed to simple human nature. For most people a picture is worth a thousand words! When a book buyer visits a book store, he/she faces an overwhelming number of choices! There are stacked shelves full of books with varied titles and covers staring at him in the face.

Considering that he/she does not have the whole day to decide and needs to make a decision quickly, it is necessary that your book grabs his attention! A book buyer has the tough job of having to make a choice in a span of a few seconds. With it being impossible to read much of the book in this tiny timeframe, he/she essentially relies on the visual appeal and the limited text on the book’s front and back covers, to decide whether to buy it or not.

Not All Writers Have the Artistic Ability to Translate Words into Images

Irrespective of the genre of your book, if you want your book to appeal to buyers and readers, you need to do more than simply write a good book! It is necessary to invest time, energy, talent and if need be, and resources as well, to give your book an edge over others of a similar genre. An edge, that comes with an irresistible book cover! Many writers assume that since they have written the book, they are also in the best possible position to design its cover as well!

However, veteran book cover designers note that, the skills required to write a book are different from those required to design visuals or artwork. While both use creativity, one has literary expertise; while the other has visual mastery! Though not unheard of, it is not common to come across a writer who is also an artist. This is essentially why, sometimes, getting professional help when designing your book cover may be a good idea!

But, can a book really be judged simply based on its cover? A majority of book buyers believe, yes! Given the constraints of time, buyers often make speedy choices! Many feel they are intuitive when it comes to buying the right book! Whether they are right or wrong, is another matter altogether, but given this fact, the importance of having an awesome book cover design, cannot be overemphasized! If you want your book to sell and to be read by more people, than just your family and friends; ensure that you get a brilliant design for your book cover!

This article was written by Mary. K. Elmo, an author who believes that an eye catching book cover designs is an indispensable part of a book’s marketing strategy.

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