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The Invisible Papers by Agostino Scafidi
We’ve been patiently waiting in line for years now! It’s been way too long since anyone has given us the go ahead to feel some relief and it’s high time we get our turn!
The Invisible Papers
 The Invisible Papers by Agostino Scafidi

This is my second eBook. It’s what I call Esoteric Fiction. What makes it esoteric you might ask? Well, I have always had an interest in the topic of spirituality but there was a time when I was extremely curious about the Occult, especially Thelema and its proponent Aleister Crowley. I was also fascinated by other Occult related topics, some being tarot, astrology, astral projection, and lucid dreaming.

Of all the things I’ve read in the field of Occultism, one thing I never failed to notice (which I also found to be quite entertaining), was how most of the literature was written in a way that made it very hard to understand. It was almost as if the author tried their best to make their book illegible while managing to throw in just enough information that is conveniently shared between many other books in the field. What I’m saying may not make sense to you, or if you are familiar with occult literature you might consider me a fool right about now. Whichever one it is, I really don’t care! I’ve read quite enough to be able to stand by my opinion. Furthermore, if you’d like to investigate this area for yourself I recommend taking a look at Hecate’s Fountain by Kenneth Grant and then get back to me. 😉

One thinks they’re learning to ignore the ignorance. They’ve got to remind themselves about something or another or else it will slip their mind and evade their memory rather quickly. He or she must scribble down reminders but if handy they’ll type their reminder into a digital device, however more often than not what one needs to keep in mind is just shy of being worthy of digital storage!

The Invisible Papers

So what does does all of what I just wrote have to do with The Invisible Papers? Well, I took the spirit of all the occult writings I’ve enjoyed (as much as anyone could enjoy them) and applied it to my own creativity. I didn’t have another fictional story in me like I wrote in The Anchor That Stopped The World, my first eBook. So when I began writing in an almost journal like fashion for this one, somehow I was inspired to transform my entries into an esoteric presentation. Did I succeed? Who knows? It seems like the reviews I’ve garnered for it thus far agree with my intention. I am just glad whenever somebody else gets it, because personally, I’m happy with it.


The Anchor That Stopped The World

There’s a special place in my heart for this one, The Anchor That Stopped The World, my first eBook. I was so proud of it (and still am) that I call it a novel. I know it’s really more like a short novel (but I would never agree to calling it a novella!).

Once the haunting soundtrack had been set and the whole horror show was set in motion, Martin stood back and admired it for a few seconds. ‘Damn, that’ll teach ‘em.’ patting himself on the back. This sickening display will serve as a traumatizing repellant if any assailants were to return. There was one last thing Rizzo decided to add. He proceeded to write a note and place it in view of anyone who might enter. This is what the note read:

The Anchor that Stopped the World


The story is about Martin Rizzo and the bad things that are happening to the people around him. A man who wakes up in unfamiliar surroundings and finds himself captive. The story unravels from there and involves various organized crime factions. A Crime fiction, the story takes place in Montreal.

Growing up in Montreal as an Italian definitely exposed me to stories about organized crime. I guess it’s no surprise that I amassed enough information about the subject in a very passive way. The inspiration for this book came about in a burst, but the details of it all unfolded as I went along.


Alain, who was driving, stationed the SUV in a place they deemed covert enough. They all exited the vehicle and from the trunk grabbed gas masks and put them on. Each man carried a handgun with a few extra clips, a shotgun and a semi-automatic rifle except for Benoît who had a teargas launcher instead of a shotgun and Georges who had a hunting rifle with a scope instead of a semi- automatic rifle. Martin approached the fenced gate and cut a way of entry into it. Then, according to plan, Georges passed through it first and took up a vantage point on top of a shipping container by climbing up a backhoe loader.
The Anchor that Stopped the World


Before The Anchor That Stopped The World, I had never written anything with such a word length. For many years I had pondered the idea of possibly writing a book, but I never had what I felt to be a story idea substantial enough to write so much. Nor did I have enough confidence. At the same time, I was quite preoccupied with my pursuits as a musician. However, once I made a conscious decision to put my hopes of a career as a guitar player on the backburner (but of course I still play for my own personal enjoyment), it seemed like there suddenly was all the time in the world for me to write.

This one is raw, its quick, and it’s not a refined piece of literature. It’s exactly how it’s meant to be.

I am in the editing stages of my third eBook right now, it will be called Dreams, Fiction and Me. I am very excited to get this one out there, but I am taking my time ensuring I do the very best job I can. This book will be classified as a paranormal fiction. It is a collection of short stories based directly on dreams of mine. I recorded my dreams using a dream journal. What that is, is basically a pad of paper and a pen sitting by my bedside. I’d wake myself up after each dream (as often as I could), and jot down what I could remember. To achieve this wasn’t easy. I had prior experience in dream journaling some years ago after reading a lot of Carlos Castaneda. Suffice it to say, I learned how to harness just enough ability to amass enough material to put together what I believe to be a unique and interesting read.


  • Bio: Agostino Scafidi is an author, a guitar player and amateur photographer who was born and raised in Montreal, QC of Sicilian descent. As soon as he learned to write he began writing stories for fun. Also at a young age he received his first guitar, a nylon stringed classical guitar. His child’s curiosity would keep him interested in playing from then on and at the age of 14 he bought his first electric guitar. Agostino also began exploring the world of photography around that time and his interest never died. In August of 2013 Agostino independently published his first novel The Anchor That Stopped The World in eBook format.
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Acknowledgements: This post was written by Agostino Scafidi.

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