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Descargar EBOOK Forged by joy autor LAURA MAZZA-DIXON gratis online Título Del Libro: Forged by joy
El autor del libro: LAURA MAZZA-DIXON
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ISBN 13: 9781943826193
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Recently nominated for a Pushcart Prize, &ldquo,Laura Mazza-Dixon&rsquo,s <,i>,Forged by Joy<,/i>, is a test of light against time, from innocence to loss, a spiritual autobiography seen first through a girl&rsquo,s eyes that behold wonder in everything, including stones &ndash, &lsquo,sea-polished ovals, green trapezoids laced with gold&rsquo, &ndash, and forged through a life of art and love and loss, arriving at the question, &lsquo,Can joy weigh more than grief?&rsquo, ,These are graceful, softly cadenced poems of belief carried against the final darkness we all face.&rdquo, ,Doug Anderson, poet and author of <,i>,Blues for Unemployed Secret Police<,i>,Of the book, <,i>,Forged by Joy<,/i>, poet Tryfon Tolides, winner of the National Book Award for Poetry, and author of <,i>,An Almost Pure Empty Walking<,i>,, writes &ldquo,Through elegies, litanies, gardening poems, and poems about other artists and musicians, Laura Mazza-Dixon weaves a community extending far , Her yarns are her memories, her knowledge, her living and her dead. She draws her own design of what a family tree might look like. In addition to relatives, her tree contains friends and people she&rsquo,s never met, such as the composers ,Arvo Pä,rt (who ',sought solace / in silence',), and ,J.S. Bach, various writers and artists, and her readers. Art and joy balance what is painful and dark. All of it &ndash, beauty, joy, grief, death &ndash, is ',encompassed by grandeur.',",",She learns of her life and records the lessons. Her community extends to us, who share the truth of experience described. , She tells us of her grandmother and her ',puzzlement and grief over the distance/ betwen herself and her only sister.', We know these pains. , Referencing music, she says, ',truth comes to us all/ in the same way/ riding on the interval of a minor second.',",

El autor es LAURA MAZZA-DIXON escribió un interesante libro titulado Forged by joy. El libro de la publicó la editorial No data, y en este momento por el libro de Forged by joy PDF ISBN (9781943826193) es necesario pagar 14.34 euros por copia. Sin embargo, en nuestro sitio, Le ofrecemos descargar el libro Forged by joy EPUB y otros formatos totalmente gratis para leer en el ordenador u otros dispositivos electrónicos. Con nosotros usted puede encontrar otros libros del autor LAURA MAZZA-DIXON, que te pueden gustar, igual que el libro de Forged by joy EPUB. Únete a nuestra comunidad y recibe gratis el libro de Forged by joy EPUB y otros, no menos interesantes de la edición.

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