Waiting for You (part 4 of 4)

Part 4 of a Short Story by Gangaa Arunan–

(Links to the previous parts: Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3)

When the message was opened by Ajay, he could not believe his eyes as it was from me, his angel. The message was, “want to meet you – waiting in front of your house.”

He drove his car crazily, while informing his servant to let me in and make comfortable arrangements for me. When Ajay arrived home, I was sitting on the sofa. He gave me a deep look, saying to never leave me alone hereafter. I avoided looking into his eyes and stared at the juice glass given to me.

“Please Priya, no more silence , just come out with it. I just want to hear something from you.”

“Actually, I came here seeking your help as a friend. Will you do it?”

“As a friend, this word hurts me a lot. But anyway I am following what you mean. Tell me what you need from me?”

“When I looked into his eyes, I forgot the words I had prepared. The thing was I needed a job and place to live . My job was gone and my family was unable to support me, till I got a job that was.”

He understood the pain in my words . “Okay, Priya, please wait here. Let me make some arrangements for you.”

He called someone on his cell and informed them to be at his place as soon as possible.

“Priya, let me help you with your basic needs till you get a good job, and you can repay me when you are earning good salary.”

His answer satisfied me, and after that I preferred to get away from him to hide my love; it’s better to hide my feelings for him.

Outside, a car arrived. We looked out the window to see who the new person was.

“Vijiyamma,” Ajay said, running to her and giving her a loving hug.

“Amma, this is our Priya, she is going to stay for a week with us. So please take care of her.”

His words made my heart beat faster, and I struggled to control my wish to hug him tight and cry on his shoulders.

He left me with Vijiyamma in charge, flashing a cute smile as he went. I was given a room down from his own room, and she helped me to clean it up. Then, we made breakfast together.

I liked Vijiyamma very much, as her way of speech was similar to my mom’s. I told her everything that was bothering me, and while talking I even fell asleep on her lap.

When I woke up, it was 11 am. I came downstairs in search of her. She was in the kitchen making preparations for lunch.

“Amma, how much rice are you making?” I was trying to see if Ajay would be coming home for lunch. But I didn’t want to admit to myself that I love his presence.

But she was old and smart and her experience put me at ease. “He will not be home for two days, gone filming at some village.” She gave me a mischievous smile.

Whenever I heard a car pulling up to the house, something made me look at the door. But it was only guests coming in search of Ajay or packages being delivered, etc. How dare I would stay here and he wouldn’t be around. But despite his absence, he was very present in my heart. It is so hard to hide my heart, and I was having difficulty handling my feelings that week.

The next two days passed very slowly, and on the third day, I woke up early and came to the entry hall, awaiting his arrival. With a smile, Vijiyamma served me coffee and said, “Whom are you expecting, Priya?” I was unable to answer but remained coy. “Priya, come on, you know what you are up to, but why can’t you accept it? It is not a big fault being in love with someone who really cares for you.” She also cared for me, and knew my heart exactly during this time.

“My little girl, do you think that Ajay is unaware of your feelings? He knows them very well and is waiting for you to accept them yourself.”

Outside a car horn honked, indicating his arrival home, as well as in my heart. I ran to the entrance, expecting his face. But unexpectantly, in a moment of disbelief, it was my mother with my little sister, stretching out her arms for a hug.

I hugged her with tears and apologized to my mom for not informing her as to my current living situation. As they walked inside, I asked her how she found this place.

My little sister with a dramatic voice said, “It was a hero. He came from Chennai to our village to save us from the bad maternal uncle. Then he brought us here.”

It was Ajay. I was speechless, and wanted him to be in front of me to express my gratitude.

Ajay called. “Priya, I have some work to do. I’m unable to meet you this upcoming week. Please be patient. I will explain everything when I get back.” Before I could say anything, the call was disconnected.

The days passed, spending time with my family, and I told my mother and little sister about how I met Ajay on the overpass bridge.

I didn’t realize then, but there were mysterious arrangements by other people in the house. And they were very secretive about it.

After waiting for three more days, I finally got the call from my Ajay. “Priya, let us go to temple,” he said, “please be ready.”

I was extremely angry at him, as he disconnected the call before I could get an explanation. Before I could decide whether or not to go, I had already started getting dressed.

Someone knocked on my door. I was excited, thinking maybe it might be Ajay surprising me, but it was my mom with a new saree.

She said she was going to temple too. I was surprised but very happy we were going as a family. I wished this new family situation of ours would continue forever.

When we got to temple, I saw some familiar faces which made me think about the mystery of the past three days. I was looking for Ajay, but everyone was there but him.

But then he walked out, and the secret of coming to temple was revealed as he had set the whole thing up and made wedding preparations. I would be the first bride who knew she was getting married in just an hour. I was searching for the words to explain how I felt right then, but there was nothing that would do.

I was unable to see him clearly because of my tears. He took my hand and said, “These must be the last tears I see from you. I have waited for these precious moments, dreamt every night of this happening, and finally I have my angel.”

I waited.

“Okay honey, I’m waiting for you to say something.”

“I am waiting for you to prove those words,” said Priya with a mischievous smile.

The End.


Gangaa loves reading and writing stories, novels and lyrics in Tamil as well as English. She lives in Tamilnadu located in India and her native tongue is tanjore. She is a big fan of authors such as Ramanichandran, Uma Balakumar, and Chetan. She likes to spread positive energy among the people she lives or meets with. If you are interested in reading tamil poems or lyrics, pay a visit to https://sinthanaipookal.wordpress.com/. And for random thoughts of a rural girl, check out this blog: https://thoughtsofriver.wordpress.com/. You can email Gangaa with your comments or feedback at: thoughtsofriver@yahoo.com.

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